Red-eyed Vireo

June 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Probably the most common songbird of northern and eastern North America, the Red-eyed Vireo is perhaps the quintessential North American Vireo, although it is heard far more often than it is seen. It sings persistently all day long and late into the season, long after other species have stopped singing. It generally stays high in the canopy of the deciduous and mixed woodlands where it breeds. The entire population migrates to central South America in winter. To reach their Amozonian winter habitats, Red-eyed Vireos migrate in fall, August through September, through Central America, Caribbean Islands, and northern South America to Educador, Peru, and Brazil.

Sometimes patience is rewarded with a bit of luck when a Red-eyed Vireo perches so nicely for a photo. More times than not, there is something blocking a clear view, or the bird flies away just before you depress the shutter button. This Vireo decided to make it easy for me and turned it's head as if showing off for the camera.



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